New York City

 Statue of Liberty

Description: The Statue of Liberty is an infamous New York City landmark and a must-see tourist attraction. The Statue was given as a gift to the United States from France in 1886, and remains to be an iconic symbol of freedom.

Deaf Accessibility Features:

Ranger-guided tours with ASL interpretation are provided free at scheduled intervals on Liberty Island (see the National Parks Service website for the schedule)

If you would like to arrange an ASL tour for another date, contact the National Park Service at least three weeks prior to your visit

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 Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Description: Ellis Island was America’s most active immigration station from 1892 to 1924. For more than 12 million immigrants, Ellis Island was known as either the “Island of Hope” or the “Island of Tears” based upon whether or not these immigrants were granted entry to the United States.

Deaf Accessibility Features:

  • Ranger-guided tours with ASL interpretation are offered monthly at no charge (see the National Park Service’s website for the schedule)
  • Museum videos/film are captioned Assisted-listening induction loop device may be borrowed at the Information desk

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 American Museum of Natural History

Description: Since 1869, the American Museum of Natural History has been a renowned institution for information on human cultures, and natural science. The museum provides numerous exhibitions and scientific collections that pertain to our planet.

Deaf Accessibility Features:

  • Infrared assistive listening devices (headsets and neck loops)
  • Rear Window Captioning
  • Open captioning
  • ASL tours offered simultaneously with spoken tours (free with admission)

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 Metropolitan Museum of Art

Description: The Metropolitan Museum of Art is home to over two million works in its permanent collection alone. The museum has a wide range of collections and special exhibits for the enjoyment of the over five million people that visit each year.

Deaf Accessibility Features:

  • Gallery talks and programs are presented in ASL on a regular basis (see website for the schedule)
  • Met Signs programs presented only in ASL (see website for the schedule)
  • Interpreters can be requested with at least two weeks’ notice
  • Transcripts for Audio Guide programming
  • Real-time captioning for lectures with three weeks’ notice

For More Information:

 The Museum of Modern Art

Description: The Museum of Modern Art features a collection of influential modern art such as architecture and design, drawings, paintings, sculpture, photography, prints, illustrated and artistic books, film, and electronic media.

Deaf Accessibility Features:

  • Listening devices are available for all Gallery Talks
  • ASL interpreters are provided for Gallery Talks on the fourth Sunday of each month at 1:30 pm
  • ASL interpretation is available for all events with at least two weeks advanced notice
  • CART captioning is available with at least three weeks advanced notice
  • Transcripts of all audio programs are available from audio desks
  • Some rooms are equipped with induction loops that transmit directly to hearing aids with T-Coils
  • Public telephones with volume control and TTY are available on the ground floor

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 Broadway Shows (Theatre Development Fund)

Description: The Theater Development Fund aims to increase accessibility to theater for all audiences. You must provide evidence of eligibility, but this organization provides many resources for audience members, including those who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing.

Deaf Accessibility Features:

  • Open captioning at select performances
  • Sign Language Interpreting at select performances
  • Assisted listening devices, which are free to use
  • Closed captioning, available in three Broadway theaters
  • (See TDF’s website for a schedule of accessible performances)

For More Information:

 Accessible Attractions in NYC

Description: This website provides accessibility information for a variety of New York City tourist attractions.

Deaf Accessibility Features:

  • Includes ASL tours, available captioning, etc.

For More Information:

2 thoughts on “New York City

  1. There are a lot more cultural institutions who offer ASL and other Access programs for people with disabilities than the ones you have listed here. The Jewish Museum offers ASL Tours monthly on Thursday evenings.

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