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The D-Travel Company

d-travel-logo-1D-travel is a deaf-owned travel agency. It was founded in 2011 by Peggy Prosser. She created the name D-travel with the letter D to show that travel services are geared to the Deaf community. The agency has two staff members and a few contributors.

D-travel is a member of several large travel consortiums with access to travel industry portals for booking flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises (river & ocean) and vacation packages. We at D-travel works with groups, businesses, organizations, schools and clubs and individuals, too.

In addition to travel services, D-travel works closely with tour companies to include sign language in their tour programs. D-travel also works to develop a directory of deaf guides and deaf-owned tour companies for referrals.

D-travel advocates for Deaf travelers rights at travel and tourism conferences and events.


D-Travel Agents

D-Travel agent, Robin Ching in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya during the 2014 Deaf Safari Tour

Robin Ching in at the Samburu National Reserve, Kenya during the 2014 Deaf Safari Tour.

Robin Ching is a travel agent and the business manager of D-travel.  She has been with D-travel agency since early 2013. Robin hails from the Bay Area, California but has spent most of her life in the northeast.  Robin is Deaf and an “ABC”, American-Born Chinese.

Robin has visited many cities in across the United States of America. She has cycled across the US from Los Angeles to Washington DC in 2003 and also from Denver, CO to Santa Fe, NM in 2006.  She
has traveled internationally to Columbia, Mexico, Amsterdam, France, Japan and recently to Kenya on a Deaf Safari Tour with D-travel in 2014.  Robin enjoys historical museums and art galleries, performing arts, and international cuisines including wine tasting.  She also enjoys Jazz concerts, where she entertains herself by watching musicians at hard work with their saxophones.

During her free time, she can be found wandering around local farmer markets talking to farmers about their produce. Robin is a Boston terrier and Bengal cat lover.


D-travel agent and director, Peggy Prosser, hiking in the woods of Mendon Park, Rochester, New York, March 2012.

Peggy Prosser in Mendon Park, Rochester, New York.

Peggy Prosser founded D-travel in 2011 by colleagues recommendations.  She has been involved in tourism since 1991, first as Deaf traveler then as private tour guide to Japanese travelers to the USA and now as director of D-travel agency.  She continues to travel with groups as tour escort or guide.  Peggy is Deaf and knows American and Japanese Sign Language. She also knows International Signs too.  She has been to many countries.

Peggy is outgoing and an adventurist.  She treks high mountains, bikes around islands, dives in the deep sea, motorcycles across deserts, kayaks in rapids and camps in the wild.  Peggy has been to every continent except

Peggy also enjoys fine arts, history, culture festivals, cuisines, campfires, wineries, and breweries.  She currently lives and work in Tokyo, Japan.

Blog Contributor 

Traci Olson climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia

Traci Olson climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia

Traci Olson is a blog contributor and started her work with D-Travel as a student intern during the summer of 2012 in the completion of her Bachelor’s Degree in Sustainable Tourism Management.  She is currently a flight attendant for a major airline and is also a part-time supervisor in the Student Life department at the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind.  Traci started learning American Sign Language in college and has since dreamed of combining her passions to work in the Deaf travel industry.

Traci is well-traveled, having visited 40 states, in addition to 20 countries throughout the world.  She started traveling at a young age and has since touched every continent except Antarctica.  Globetrotting has become a passion, whether for work or pleasure.  Aside from traveling, Traci is an avid skier and enjoys spending time in the mountains, arts and crafts, and playing the harp.