2018 Tour – Japan

D-travel Agency is very excited to offer for the first time a winter wonderland tour to the northern parts of Japan. Peggy Prosser who is the director of D-travel Agency and Meri Hirose from Nadeshiko Yoriai, a networking group in Tokyo, Japan that offers a variety of human resource services including travel support and guide services. Peggy and Meri designed an exciting winter tour itinerary.

A little about Peggy and Meri, they are travel partners who have traveled around Japan and to many countries together. They are inspired to share their travel experience in Japan with you. For more information call us and talk to us about Nadeshiko itineraries. We will be more than happy to talk to you about it.

And we are happy to tell you that will continue to offer our Spring and Fall Tours in 2018. Check our 2018 Tours to Japan.

2018 Winter Tour – Japan 


2018 Spring Tour – Japan

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