D-travel Agency’s Tour to China

D-travel Agency with Avalon Waterways offers you a 16 days tour of Cultural China.  The tour takes to different regions of China, Tibet and includes a river cruise along the Yangtze River.  The tour starts from Shanghai and ends in Beijing and is limited to 12 persons.  D-travel has 6 double occupancy cabins on hold for you.  Why not visit China, a country with a rich culture and history. Following is an overview of the trip.




Trip Overview

imagesThis exciting vacation introduces you to the rich history, scenic wonders, and cultural treasures of China and Tibet.  You start in Shanghai, China’s center of trade.  There you will walk along the Bund, see stunning displays of ancient bronze and jade at the Shanghai Museum and enjoy a traditional dim sum feast. You will also attend a high-flying acrobat show and take a fascinating walking tour through the former French Concession where tree-lined streets and Art Deco architecture transport you to a bygone era. Then, fly to Yichang and begin your Yangtze River cruise with a private welcome reception. Shore excursions include a walking tour of a riverside community to see its beautiful pagoda, a tour of the Three Gorges Dam site, and a small boat cruise on the emerald-green waters of Shennv Stream. Travel to Lhasa, Tibet’s mystical capital, for visits to a local family home for lunch, a local bazaar, and the imposing Potala Palace, former winter home of the Dalai Lama. You will also dine in a local restaurant and be entertained with traditional Tibetan music and dance. In Xi’an, see the famed Terracotta Warriors up close from a special VIP viewing area and learn how to write ancient Chinese calligraphy. Lastly, in Beijing, visit the Forbidden City with its Imperial Palace, sample authentic Peking Duck, and walk along the incomparable Great Wall of China. You will also explore one of the city’s ancient alleys by rickshaw and experience a cultural performance at the Legend of Kung Fu show.

For a copy of the tour itinerary, reservation or more information contact travel agent, Robin Ching at D-travel Agency.   Robin@dtravelagency.com   We look to a group of Deaf travelers to China.