D-travel Agency Offers Deaf Tours

Happy New Year!

New excitement abounds to welcome 2016 with a new travel bucket list.

Keeping the excitement that a new year brings, D-travel Agency has compiled a list of four great travel destinations with tours that include sign language for the global Deaf community.


La RevolutionCuba is our most popular travel destination. We have private groups traveling to Cuba in 2016. We offer travel packages for 12 days/11 nights. D-travel Agency works with Go Haydee Tours, a tour company by native Deaf Cuban, Haydee Garcia who develops people to people travel packages to the largest Carribean Island. The itinerary includes Havana, Vinales Valley, Guama, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, and Varadero. You will meet with Deaf people in each city and have an opportunity to see old cobbled road towns, well preserved Spanish colonial architecture, famous landmarks, classic old American cars running on the streets, dazzling salsa dances on the streets, rolling mountains, tobacco plantations, UNESCO world heritage sites and lovely waterfronts with white sand beaches. A tour to a rum and cigar factories is included in the package. Also, you will visit the Hotel Ambos Mundos where famous writer, Ernest Hemingway lived and have a mojito at the Bodequita del Medio. It is an exciting time to travel to Cuba and learn about its history and people. Packages to Cuba vary in length and price.  Please contact D-travel agency for more information.

Japan Miyajima Japan Tour Spring 2015 D-travel

This spring and autumn 2016 are our most popular tour. Peggy Prosser who is Deaf and started D-travel Agency currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. She has lived and worked in Japan since 1991. Peggy works as Deaf freelance tour guide with Samurai Tours the supplier to D-travel Agency.

Our spring 2016 tour is sold out. D-travel Agency offers the Deaf Cherry Blossom tour to Japan every year during the spring season between March and April. The itinerary includes travel to Tokyo, Kamakura, Hakone Yumoto Onsen, Hakone, Takayama, Shirakawago, Kanazawa, Hiroshima, Miyajima Island and Kyoto.

Participants will enjoy a mix of large cities like Tokyo, Osaka and traditional villages like Takayama and Shirakawago, the solitude of Miyajima Island, the ancient shrines and temples of Kyoto, the testament to peace of Hiroshima and the beauty of Hakone with thermally heated mineral water bath at an onsen (hot spring spa). You’ll meet up with Deaf Japanese at an Izakaya, stroll through farmer and fish markets and see where the geisha live and work. And with weather permitting, you could see sacred Mt. Fuji.

You are welcome to inquire about the 2017 Cherry Blossom Tour.

Fall Tour 2016_1Our autumn 2016 tour is open for more travelers. The tour is scheduled for October 27 ~ November 8, 2016. The itinerary is designed to enjoy the fall foliage season in Japan, a number of nature walks and some sightseeing. It includes travel to Tokyo, Magomo, Tsumago, Matsumoto, Nagano, Jigokudani, the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route riding on various modes of transportation (bus, trolley, cable car, ropeway and railroad train) from Ogizawa to Toyama, stopping for an overnight at Murodo, the highest mountain point of the route and then onto Kyoto and Nara for the final leg of the tour.

Participants will enjoy a mix of large and bright cities like Tokyo and Toyama, and smaller traditional villages as in Magamo and Tsugamo. You will explore by hiking on the Nakasendo trail from Magamo to Tsumago the most scenic and best-preserved parts of an ancient highway and towns that offer a panoramic view of the Japanese North Alps stretching wide and high. The itinerary includes a tour to Japan’s most beautiful castle, a trip to a wasabi farm and to the famous monkey park where Japanese snow monkeys bathe in hot spring water. And you will experience stunning vistas and landscapes as you travel over Mt. Tateyama to catch the Shinkansen train to Kyoto and Nara where ancient shrines and temples are founded with deer in parks. You’ll have opportunities to meet and socialize with Deaf Japanese at a local Izakaya.

Mont Blanc Trek for Deaf Women

MONT BLANC FLYERThis tour is the newest package at D-travel Agency. It is small group adventure kind of travel with G-Adventures, a tour company that offers various kinds of expedition or adventure tours. G-Adventures is an affiliate supplier to D-Travel Agency.  The trek begins from June 27 ~ July 6, 2016, and is only for Deaf women participants.

Come experience the rarified air of Europe as you trek the Alps from France to Italy and Switzerland. This trek circuit will reward you with mesmerizing views of glaciers, steep valleys and of course, Mont Blanc itself. Travel across high passes and through Alpine meadows, recharging the night with delicious mountain cuisine.

Challenge yourself to conquer one of the worlds’ premier trekking routes, uncovering the alpine heart of Europe on this incredible active 10-day adventure. The trek begins in France at Les Houches and you walk to Les Contamines, Les Chapleux, Courmayeur (Italy), Val Ferret, La Fouly (Swiss), Trient, and ending at Col de la Balme with transport back to Chamonix.

This tour is designed for outdoor adventurers. You don’t have to be a decathlete to join this trip but you should be someone with a healthy love for getting active and the outdoors. The hike includes high-altitude treks, cycling, and some heavy excursions. Average walks are between 8 to 12 miles per day.

The tour is open for more participants.

Deaf Safari 2016

Group Photo with Masai Mara Friends

Group Photo with new friends at a village in Masai Mara.

The safari is D-travel Agency’s third International safari trip to Kenya national wildlife reserves and parks. The safari is designed with the season of the wildebeest migration that is one of the “Seven New Wonders of the World”. Over two million animals migrate from the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the greener pastures of the Maasai Mara in Kenya. The migration has to cross the Mara River where crocodiles prey on them. Once they cross the river alive they will be hunted, stalked and run down by larger carnivores, the cats. The Massai Mara has one of the largest densities of the lion in the world.

It is simply the time of the year when the games begin and the park becomes alive with actions. Other national reserves and parks not near the Mara River also increase activity due to high season of fresh leaves and green pastures. The herbivores come out to graze and the carnivores hunt for their dinner. Animal wildlife isn’t the only thing you see during this migration period, there are many beautiful birds that will stop by to visit your tent or maybe jeep when it is still.

National parks or reserves include Samburu, Sweetwaters, Lake Naivasha and Maasai Mara. The tour is limited to 6 persons and is scheduled for July 26 ~ August 3, 2016. The tour is available.

For a copy of an itinerary, inquire info@dtravelagency.com.