Flying Aboard Boeing’s 787: The Dreamliner Experience

By TravelingTraci

Flying internationally can often be uncomfortable and exhausting, but the Boeing 787 has new features that provide passengers with an improved air travel experience. Boeing’s 787, also known as, “The Dreamliner,” is enhancing international travel with benefits for passengers, crew, and even the environment. Although the Dreamliner first made news after launching commercial service, with issues related to the lithium battery, the problem has since been resolved following FAA approval of a revised battery design in 2013. Now, many passengers seek opportunities to travel on Boeing’s newest aeronautical innovation.

When stepping onboard the Dreamliner, passengers will find the sleek, new interior inviting. One of the most notable upgrades is the passenger windows, which are considerably larger than any other commercial aircraft and are centered at eye-level. The windows are further enhanced with technology that tints the window to various degrees of darkness with the push of a button, eliminating window shades. Flight attendants and passengers can reduce sunlight glare with five levels of opaque tinting, while still maintaining views of the outside. Various shades of lighting are also offered from the interior of the aircraft. Inflight crew can utilize settings including, sunset lighting to help passengers relax and rest on long haul flights, and sunrise lighting to gradually wake passengers for meal services. Relaxation lighting features hews of purple, and warm tones of orange are used to evoke daylight while service is provided.

Passengers will also appreciate larger overhead bins that can accommodate more carry-on luggage. The new design of the overhead bins stows luggage up and away, maximizing space overhead while still providing easy to open and accessible luggage bins. In regards to enhancing the passenger experience, the Dreamliner offers more than meets the eye.


Interior of the B787 which features enhanced lighting, new overhead bins, and larger windows.

Beyond the obvious passenger accommodations, the Boeing 787 contains more subtle features that provide considerable benefits. Travelers on long international flights are likely to feel better and less exhausted when flying on the 787. The Dreamliner’s cabin is pressurized to an altitude of 6,000 feet, which is 2,000 feet lower than the average commercial aircraft. This lower altitude provides more oxygen for passengers, reducing the effects of jetlag and airsickness. An additional feature is cleaner cabin air through the use of a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter to remove viruses and bacteria, as well as a new gas filtration system to remove odors and other contaminants that contribute to eye, nose, and throat irritation. Also contributing to passenger comfort is a new innovative design, which reduces cabin noise by sixty percent, for a calmer, more relaxing flight. Those who suffer from airsickness will also be pleased with the 787’s Smoother Ride Technology, which can help counter turbulence and contribute to an overall, smoother flight. These new features provide its passengers with further comfort, allowing travelers to arrive to their destination feeling healthier and better rested.


Aside from personal benefits, the Dreamliner offers environmental advantages as well. Recyclable materials were utilized to construct the aircraft, reducing the use of hazardous materials. The fuselage itself is comprised of lightweight materials, creating a more fuel-efficient aircraft that also contributes fewer emissions. As mentioned previously, this is a quieter plane, inside and out, reducing noise pollution in airport communities. Airlines can reap the benefits of such qualities, and more airlines and routes are being added across the globe. Current airlines operating select routes on the Dreamliner include, United Airlines, Air Canada, British Airways, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Air New Zealand, and several more. For those of you wanting the “Dreamliner experience,” you can see a full list of airlines and flights that are operated by Boeing’s 787 on Boeing’s website.