D-Travel Announces Partnership with Deaf Tours – Kenya

Image 1D-Travel where the letter “D” represents Deaf works to promote accessible travel and Deaf centric tourism.   We are affiliated to a host travel agency who is a member of large travel consortia with over thousands of travel suppliers and tour vendors.  And we chooses which suppliers and vendors we want to work with.

Image 4

Group Photo with Maina Family. (r to l) Peggy, Brigid, Blake, Henry and Estel

We are proud to announce new travel ventures that will promote Deaf owned tours by Deaf in various countries.  We support sustainable tourism where operation of tours include Deaf people from the same country or are owned by Deaf from the same country.  The aim of sustainable tourism is to ensure that development supports the social and economic life of local people including Deaf.

We are pleased to introduce you to Deaf Tours – Kenya, who will host the First Deaf Wildebeest Migration this summer 2013. The tour operator is Henry Maina of Nairobi, Kenya operates the tour.

About Henry Maina – Tour Operator

Henry Maina is a late deafened Kenyan who knows Sign Language.  Henry lives in Nairobi, the capitol of Kenya with his wife, Brigid and two young children, daughter Estel and son, Blake.

Prior to his tour company, Henry traveled as a hobby.  He traveled to many different parts of Kenya whenever he got an opportunity.  Although “ I am a Kenyan, he says, I still mesmerized with my country, for there’s a lot of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered”.

Lion seen in Nakaru Park

Lion seen in Nakaru Park

Henry is also interested in accessible tourism, especially with discussions involving Deaf and Hard of Hearing travelers.  He participates in group-discussions and sometimes attends meetings hosted by travel and tour organizations in Kenya.  When not touring, Henry also works as a counselor, motivational speaker, investor and entrepreneur.

Henry is an easy-going person who enjoys making new friends.  He knows Kenyan and American Sign Language, Swahili and English.

About Deaf Tours – Kenya


Tent Camp in Masai Mara Park

Deaf Tours – Kenya started in 2006 but was registered in 2007 with Kenya Tourism Board and Kenya Wildlife Services.  Deaf Tours- Kenya is the only tour company known to be owned by Deaf in Kenya.  Deaf Tours – Kenya handle various kinds of travel and tour request ranging from business, safari, homestay and to vacation in Mombasa, one of the world’s most exotic beach.  They also network with travel directors, managers and tour coordinators at various camps, lodges and hotels across Kenya.  And they keep up to date with promotions made by restaurants and tour activities in all of Kenya.

The First Deaf Wildebeest Migration Tour


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