D-Travel offers you Villa Style Vacation Experience

vod_accommodation_638x320What are villas?  Villas are private residences made available to vacationers. They’re usually big homes with numerous bedrooms and offer additional space such as living rooms, dining rooms, fully-equipped kitchens, and outdoor areas including verandas, patios and often times pools. Villas are usually equipped with amenities and sometimes staff.  You have the option to include staff who may be your cook, housekeeper or driver or you can prepare your own meals, clean and drive yourself.  Villas are often more economical for traveling families or large groups.

Villa Features:
5 bedrooms
Casa De Campo
Dominican Republic
from $1,875/night

Why rent a villa over a hotel or resort? You get personalized attention and service from an experienced local concierge.  Villa vacation allows you to create experience based on your interest or needs.  You’ll get superb value where you spend less and receive more.
You get more space and privacy too.  Villas are not a timeshare or fractional ownership.  You travel where you want, when you want without membership fees. There are thousands of villas from which to choose

D-Travel is working with Ensemble Travel in promoting villa vacation style to you. Ensemble  represents thousands of villas in more than 50 destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, France, Italy, Greece, Grenada, Tahiti, and the United States.

Villa Features:    5 bedrooms    Sleeps up to 9    5 bathrooms    Waterfront    Pool   Location:    Palm Island    Florida    United StatesKnown For:    Families    Couples/Groups$3,800/night

Villa Features:
5 bedrooms
Sleeps up to 9
5 bathrooms
Palm Island
Known For:

Wherever your getaway brings you, D-Travel through Ensemble provides you with information and help you select the right villa.  D-travel will take care of your special requests.  And Ensemble concierge services will help you prepare for your vacation by arranging for items such as pick up your rentals, grocery pre-stocking, and chef services; they will make sure all the details are set for your arrival.

Many villas are located near restaurants, bars, nightclubs, casinos, boutiques, tennis courts, golf courses, historic sites, and art galleries.   And we have villas for every occasion: weddings, vow renewal parties, romantic getaways, golf, tennis, and spa retreats, corporate outings, family reunions, and trips with special friends.

D-Travel and Ensemble aim to provide you great value and service, allowing you to relax and enjoy your villa vacation with your family and/or group.  For more information feel free to contact D-Travel.  We are happy to talk about villa style vacations.

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