You Deaf? You love Surfing? Come to this Camp.

Chica Surf Adventures- Surf camp for the Deaf and Hoh

Last year as my 30th birthday approached, I knew I needed to go on a trip that would make this birthday a memorable one. I searched for different possibilities and had narrowed down my choices when I opened my daily Groupon message and saw a trip for an all women’s surf camp in Costa Rica that was taking place the exact week of my birthday. Meant to be? Definitely. Best part was the price, I had been eyeing surf camps for years, but could never afford them because they tend to be $3000-$4000. This one was half of that at $1650. I didn’t think twice and booked my trip.

When I arrived I met a group of like-minded individuals, people who love adventure, traveling, culture, and adrenaline. I’m not talking about jump off a cliff type of adrenaline junkies, but people who understand that the first time you stand up on a surfboard you feel nothing but sheer adrenaline. It is exhilarating. Literally the first time I went out and attempted to standup, I was successful. Definitely beginner’s luck because the rest of that lesson I spent falling off my board. The second day of lessons I was determined to feel that thrill again and sure enough I stood up once again. “Oh my goodness this is addicting,” I thought to myself.

We didn’t spend the whole time surfing. There was time for lots of other activities, zip lining, snorkeling, horseback riding, massages, swimming, yoga, and eating! The food was delicious and always freshly prepared. All the staff involved with the camp were so much fun and went above and beyond to make sure that this was the trip of a lifetime.

I left my week of surf camp in love. I was in love with surfing. I also left with new friends, great experiences, a renewed appreciation for life, and a relaxed perspective. About one month before I went to surf camp, I had been in a car accident that seriously affected my knees and wrists. While I am usually very active, the accident had left me unable to do all the outdoor activities that I loved. And then surfing came along. Surfing didn’t bother my knees, didn’t make my wrists ache. Surfing allowed me to continue to lead an active lifestyle while my body healed from the accident. Surfing grounded me as I lay on my board out in the middle of the ocean. You realize you are just a tiny dot in this whole big universe.

After such an amazing experience that was seriously life changing, I knew that I had to share it. I talked with the owner of the same company that I had used for my trip, and asked if she would be interested in putting together a Deaf surf camp. She was so excited and supportive of the idea, and that’s how Chica Surf Adventure’s first co-ed Deaf surf camp was born. Of course I wanted to ensure that it would be affordable, so we are offering it at the same Groupon price of $1650. This includes 7 nights shared accommodations, breakfast and dinner daily, surfboard rental, surf lessons, a snorkeling trip to Tortuga Island, a hike to waterfalls, massage, yoga, and more! Please join us May 19-26 for a week of absolute fun and adventures. You can learn more at and follow us on twitter @deafsurfcamp. Please direct any questions to

Pura Vida!

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