Cube Style Shopping

Glass cubes display seller items in a cube shop

The best otaku shopping spot in Japan is inside the Nakano Broadway in Nakano ward of Tokyo. There you will find many small stores selling collector’s items in small glass cubes rented out by shop owners to sellers for their collectible items.

Close up of items inside the cube. The popular boston terrier is JoJo.

Otaku is a loan word from the Japanese language that closely resembles to “geek”. It more often refers to people with obsessive interest to some particular theme, topic, hobby or form of entertainment. The term serves as a label similar to the USA’s Trekkie or fanboy and often time collectors of particular objects or themes.  There are is a diverse sub culture of otaku in Japan.

Go window shopping in the Nakano Broadway.  You’ll have fun finding unusual items.  Some things could either amuse or shock you.  Down the hallways there appears to be thousands of glass cubes on display in small shops that rent out these cubes to collectors who want to sell their items.  Small animation figurines, idol goods, game consoles and many kinds of small souvenirs are set up on display in these glass cubes. Old and small rarities, including antiques and old trinkets or toys from the US releases can be found in some of the cubes in Nakano Broadway. To name a few popular US products include Fire King glass and dish wares. They sell for $50.00 to $100.00 US dollars.  Also old US match boxes can be found there too. Most prices for match boxes are negotiable.   A friend and I discussed possible new items that will appear behind these glass window cubes.  We agreed that we will not be surprised if the belated Twinkies package box, items and  trinkets will be found in Nakano Broadway soon.

Old and rare collectible items. Will Twinkie be found on display one day soon?

The showcase glass cube can be rented monthly for between $100.00 at the highest and $40.00 at the lowest. The most expensive will be the one that is most visible to window shoppers.

For more information about cube style business. Go to this website http://www.cubestyle.  D-Travel can arrange you an otaku guide to visit Broadway Nakano in Tokyo.  For more information contact D-Travel at

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