D-Travel Celebrates One Year

Peg Pros in Arizona

Nomad Peg Pros “sits” on top of a hill with positive vortex swirling from underneath and through her body in Sedona, Arizona.

Today is D-Travel’s one-year anniversary.  “This is a good time to give a full introduction about D-Travel and key players” says Nomad Peg Pros who is director of D-Travel and the person writing this post.

My full name is Peggy Prosser and I’m the founder of D-Travel agency.  Let me make a long story short how I became involved in this business.  Traveling has always been my passion and whenever I retire from work I would to travel to unusual places or join in expeditions.  I’ve been to several places if not many.  Friends would ask me about my trips and about how they should develop their itinerary; I became their travel advisor.  On many occasions I’ve invited friends to join me on my journeys.  We often join in the local events involving culture, arts, foods and drinks.

The story of  D-Travel came about by accident.  I was helping a friend with her group’s travel itinerary to the Grand Canyon in the US.   I started to ask around for benefits a group tour and came across Montrose Travel Company.  They were promoting the opportunity to save on tours and to earn commission from booking.  Their plan looked interesting and so I signed up for an interview and joined the company.  D-Travel is now affiliated with Montrose Travel, a Top 50 Travel Management Company nationwide.  Established in 1956 and are a stable and financially secure, $110 million company with the products and services that will enable D-Travel to fulfill any client’s travel needs.

Soon after my first booking I begun my training and developed a business and marketing plan.  I invited family and friends whom I know that loved to travel and colleagues were already in travel business to join me in this venture.  We met a few times over the year to discussed the kinds of services we could do through our affiliation with Montrose Travel company and suppliers.  We also discussed a business name for my travel agency.  We agreed to D-Travel, that identifies with community we serve and kinds of travels we focus.  D-Travel serves the Deaf community, focuses on destinations and dream trips of all kinds from luxury to backpacker.  We serve individuals, families, groups, organizations and companies with employees who travel frequently.  We book persons and groups for  flights, accommodations, inter transportation, tours and excursion activities anywhere around the world.  In addition because of who we serve we promote Deaf tours and work with suppliers to include client’s requests for interpreters in tour programs.  D-Travel has big dreams and is committed to advocate for travel rights and making travel accessible and safe to Deaf and hard of hearing travelers.  More importantly is for you to know that I am not alone in this venture.  There are others who are pushing to make D-Travel happen.  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to D-Travel’s wonderful supporters.

Nori traveled to Greece on a photography assignment. Here’s a picture of him at work.

Starting with Nori, whose full name is Noriyuki Kuroda.  Nori is professional travel photographer and graphic designer.  He lives and works in London.  Nori designed D-Travel logo.  He also designs our banners and maintains D-Travel’s blog and e-magazine, D-Travel Scoop.  Nori helps in creating flyers for D-Travel too.  In addition to his contributions to D-Travel, Nori also offers photography services to Deaf weddings, honeymooners, travel groups and as well advises travel and activities in London and UK.  Nori will have a regular column in D-Travel Scoop posting his work in travel photography.  He recently returned from weeks long trip to Greece.  His pictures will be in the next D-Travel Scoop issues.

Meri Hirose shares a hookah shisha and sweet tobacco with group of friends on a beach in Japan

Meri Hirose, a long time travel partner who joined me to many countries is D-Travel’s tour guide and conductor for Japanese visitors to the US.  Meri often travels with Deaf Japanese groups as D-Travel’s American-Japanese Sign Language interpreter/escort.  Meri will soon offer sign language tours to Japan and will promote her tours through D-Travel in 2013.  She plans to join in our partners world-wide expedition tours.  Meri is also D-Travel’s expeditor expert.  She will soon own a page on D-Travel blog and a column in D-Travel Scoop focusing on expedition stories, tours and gears.  A story translated from Japanese to English about swimming with wild dolphins in Mikura-jima, an island in Tokyo will soon be posted on D-Travel blog.  Yes, many people find it odd that Tokyo has islands.

Haydee (bottom left) poses with Deaf and Hearing Japanese travelers to Havana with Deaf Cuba Travel. Meri is also in the picture as ASL-JSL interpreter/escort

Haydee Garcia who owns her own tour company, Deaf Cuba Travel is D-Travel’s most preferred tour supplier.  Haydee and I met in Tokyo in 2005 when I hired her to teach Spanish with the Sign Language Intersection, a business that I owned in Tokyo before D-Travel.  Haydee was popular among my students and inspired many go to visit Cuba.  We set up a group tour in 2007 with her.  Then the following year, Haydee founded Deaf Cuba Travel.  Since then she and I have worked together promoting tours to Cuba.  Aside from her tour business, Haydee is also working with me in developing an international Deaf and sign language tour guide referral list.  The list will be shared with D-Travel clients and suppliers.  Haydee and I are working on a business plan promote Deaf tours and refer suppliers to Deaf guides and interpreters found around the world.   Haydee also has a role in collecting and exchanging travel information that involves Spanish.

Robin Ching, D-Travel’s precious local guide in Rochester, NY. Photo taken at Casa Larga Vineyards Cellar in Fairpoint, NY.

Robin Ching is D-Travel’s local event and tour informant.  Robin focuses only on events happening in the locale of Rochester, New York.   She alerts D-Travel of Rochester’s Deaf community events and of events including sign language in Rochester area.  Last Sunday, September 14, 2012 Robin found an article in the Rochester’s Democrat Chronicle about Casa Larga providing a sign language tour to their winemaking facilities during their annual Purple Foot Festival.  She informed me about the news and we decided to take part in the event together on behalf of D-Travel.  Robin helped me write notes, interviewed participants and took pictures.  A story of the event can be found posted D-Travel blog.  Robin also has volunteered time to guide international visitors to Rochester.  Robin’s role as informant and guide to D-Travel visitors in Rochester is very valuable.  D-Travel looks to involve Robin in extending Rochester news of events, travel and tours involving Deaf and sign language to D-Travel readers.  D-Travel has been talking to her about starting a page on D-Travel blog exclusively for Rochester area.

Traci Olson sits on the left posing picture with Morimoto, a gold medalist hammer throw and Peggy in Toronto, Canada for the World Deaf Championship Games.

Also important to introduce is D-Travel’s former student intern Traci Olson from Colorado.  Traci joined D-Travel last summer as an intern to experience work in Deaf travel services.  Traci assisted in the design and development of a volunteer tour to Monze, Zambia for Deaf Education and Arts for African Families (DEAAF) a non-government organization in Rochester, New York.  Traci also assisted D-Travel in collecting travel and tour information for clients and group tours.  Traci joined me to Deaf Community events in Rochester and Toronto. Traci helped in writing articles about Deaf and sign language in travel and tourism for D-travel blog and D-Travel Scoop.  Traci completed her internship last August 2011.  Today she is a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology studying interpreting.  Traci aims to become an interpreter and a continue to be a part of the world of travel after graduation.  I  will love to have her back in D-Travel’s home office soon.

The first issue of D-Travel’s quarterly e-magazine.

After this special anniversary celebration, D-Travel will continue to take part in the travel consortium through Montrose.  D-Travel’s wish is to expand other areas of travel services to the sign language community.  D-Travel has plans to introduce clients and subscribers to D-Travel partners in D-Travel blog.  D-Travel will promote partner’s services and products on Facebook and in twitter.  In addition to partner’s promotions, D-Travel will post travel updates, information and exchange travel stories and post with other befriended bloggers.   And D-Travel aims to make the best travel e-magazine for the International Deaf community.   If you know of a cool traveler or have some news about travel or tourism, let us know, we will be happy to include you.  Also D-travel encourages you to subscribe to our blog for travel and tour stories and news.  In addition, like D-Travel Facebook page for travel updates and tour information.  Lastly, your support will help us move forward.  Join us and grow the world of Deaf Travel together.

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