Travel and Volunteer time in Zambia, Africa

Deaf and hard of hearing children at DEAAF in Monze, Zambia. Purple uniforms made by visiting volunteers.

D-Travel introduces a two-week volunteer tour for 2013 to Zambia, Africa. The tour DEAAF Volunteer Tour connotes the NGO, Deaf Education and Arts for African Families (DEAAF) projects and activities for a new school for Deaf and hard of hearing children in Monze, Zambia.

The volunteer tour package includes choice of volunteer activities with DEAAF, tour guide of Lusaka, capital city of Zambia and locale of Monze, five-day home-stay experience with Zambian families in Monze or near the outskirts of Monze area and a three-day retreat to Livingstone to explore the Victorian Falls, the world’s largest waterfall.   There are many excursion to choose from.  They include activities from a walking tour of the waterfall area, white water rafting, helicopter ride, bunji jump and various kinds of safari trips to see elephants, lions and many more.

The Victoria Falls, the greatest curtain waterfall and our world’s largest.

Package includes 2 airport transfers, 13 nights accommodation, roundtrip bus ride from/to Monze and Livingstone, driver hire from/to Livingstone bus station and Jollyboys campgrounds, local guide,15 meals with host family and at DEAAF.

Bedroom with mosquito net, a typical room at most place of sleep including home-stay.

Total cost of DEAAF volunteer package is from $1,263.00.  Tour does not include international airfare, airport taxes and fees, visa, excursion and activities fees, insurances, some meals and tipping.  Tour price can change based on accommodation preferences at the Jollyboys and other cost fluctuations.  Also there are no agent or booking fees by D-Travel added to this tour.  D-Travel is sponsoring the promotion as well as volunteering time in the tour too.

DEAAF pupils share one small classroom.

Contact D-Travel for more information and a copy of the itinerary.  E-mail to D-Travel director, or call 585-300-0434.  Telephone number will switch to videophone for Sign Language users.

Join D-Travel in this tour.  Also please help spread the word for Deaf and hard of hearing children and families in Monze, Zambia.

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