D-Travel Scoop Hot off the Screen

D-Travel publishes its first e-magazine this week.  The magazine is called D-Travel Scoop and will promote travel information, stories, news, updates, advice and advertise upcoming tours and/or events quarterly to the Deaf and sign language community.

D-Travel Scoop plans to regularly feature an interview, publish articles of Deaf tourism, current travel news such as of new developments or changes in travel industry,  the Director’s column, national and international art, entertainment and sporting events column and D-Travel Journeys.  Advertisements will also be posted between the articles.  D-Travel works to expand and include other news features such as articles about culture, foods and travel products in the near future.

D-Travel Scoop will be circulated through issuu, a digital publishing platform that delivers electronic publications. You can subscribe D-Travel Scoop through issuu free.

Please click to preview and enjoy the first edition.  D-Travel Scoop 2012 Autumn Quarterly Vol. 01  Any questions or comments, feel free to contact D-Travel at agent@d-travel.co