You can make VRS calls outside of the U.S.

This is great news for Deaf persons who travel to other countries, especially those who travel abroad for work or business.

The privilege to call from another country in the same way as hearing and speaking persons from the U.S. normally do has increased Deaf persons independence to make one’s own direct contact to family, colleagues, co-workers and business partners.  Also Deaf business owners who travel abroad have increased ability to expand communication functions and assume greater business roles.

If you plan to travel abroad soon, you should contact your VRS provider and let them know your travel plans.  They will tell you to per-register through your account on-line or ask you to send a form.  Each VRS provider has different ways registering your number for traveling abroad. It is important to register because if you don’t you will not be able to make a VRS call when you are in another country.

Though there are some restrictions to keep in mind as made by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who regulates the U.S. interstate and international.  They have made it a rule that VRS calls are to be made only between the U.S.  This means if you travel to Mexico for example, with your VRS device or computer and registered VRS telephone number you are not able to make a VRS call to someone in Mexico.

Though there appears some inequity in the regulation and system by FCC.  And that is in regards to hearing and speaking persons being able and allowed to make a VRS call to Deaf person from anywhere around the world.  This ability of hearing and speaking person to make a VRS call to Deaf person from “anywhere” is unfair.  The rules to why they’re able to do so are unclear. The National Association of the Deaf is working to change this unfairness.

Regardless, D-Travel values this international travel-communication accessibility for clients and colleagues.  D-Travel will make it a practice to remind clients traveling abroad to per-register with a VRS provider.  And D-Travel will advocate for greater international communication access.

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