Deaf Education & Arts for African Families (DEAAF)


Deaf Education & Arts for African Families (or DEAAF) is a non-profit organization that provides education for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children in Monze, Zambia.  DEAAF’s purpose is to not only provide education, but to also address poverty and hunger, and raise social awareness and support for the education of Deaf children.   By working with parents, the local community, and government, DEAAF aims to establish better communication, ensure the educational future of Deaf children, and encourage the inclusion of Deaf individuals into society.  

DEAAF was founded by Lisa Zahra, who was inspired to create this non-profit organization after she first moved to Africa in 2002 as a volunteer.  With a background in interpreting, Lisa taught Sign Language, English, and provided basic education for Deaf children in Monze.  Shortly after arriving, she realized that she would become more than a teacher for Deaf children.  Her students suffered from bullying and even physical abuse from their parents simply because they were Deaf.  After witnessing this, Lisa began holding workshops for the community to encourage the use of Sign Language, as well as non-violent parenting.  These workshops were quite successful, and began making a positive, social change that motivated her to develop DEAAF.  Since then, Lisa has been inspired to dedicate her life to serve Deaf children and their families who are in need in Monze.

Currently, DEAAF is maintaining a project in Monze, Zambia.  In this area, there are no resources for the more than sixty local Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.  These children come from families that struggle to satisfy their basic living needs, and do not have the resources to provide their children with a proper education.  Many of these Deaf and Hard of Hearing children also live in small villages outside of Monze, with no means of transportation to get to school.  The goal of DEAAF’s project in this area is to construct an educational building to teach and house these Deaf and Hard of Hearing children, and establish a self-sustaining program that will allow the school to continue operating.  DEAAF’s budget is currently used for the rental of one classroom, school supplies, and food for the children, until the school can be built.

DEAAF has future plans to build a School for the Deaf in Monze on the twenty acres of land that was recently purchased on their behalf by Vision for Underprivileged Deaf Children (VUDC).  The school will include a classroom, staff housing, and housing for visiting volunteers as the project grows.  This school will serve Deaf and Hard of Hearing children that are in desperate need of education.

If you would like more information about DEAAF or if you are interested in volunteering or making a donation, visit their website at

Volunteer Tour

Through collaboration between DEAAF and D-Travel, a DEAAF Volunteer Tour to Zambia will soon be available.  If you are interested in traveling to Africa, while supporting a good cause, then this tour is perfect for you.  Spend two weeks in Zambia where you will have the opportunity to volunteer at the school, stay with local Zambian families, and spend a few days exploring the Livingstone/Victoria Falls area.  This unique tour will provide you with the opportunity to visit Africa, while volunteering and supporting DEAAF and the local Deaf community.

More information on this exciting opportunity is coming soon.  If you are interested in information regarding this tour, subscribe to our blog or contact D-Travel by clicking on the logo below.

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