Deaf Friendly Attractions Resource Page

D-Travel has started a Deaf Friendly Attraction page for D-Travelers.  We are listing accessible attractions, parks, museums and events in major cities across the US.  Deaf friendly attractions are sites that offer sign interpreted tours, visual listening devices with signing guide or open captions, videos/film that are captioned, rear window captioning, assisted-listening induction loop device transcripts of audio programs, infrared assistive listening devices (headsets and neck loops).   Most sites have asked that sign language interpreters be scheduled in advance.  And some performing arts theaters welcome Deaf theater goers.  They usually have a schedule of interpreted performances ready on their websites.  You’ll have to click on their website to check for upcoming interpreted tours.  Or you can join D-Travel facebook page or twitter to receive updates of upcoming attraction and events open to Deaf Community.

Our current Deaf Friendly Attraction page has information of sites and venues of the following cities: New York City, Chicago, Washington DC and California.  There are several different cities for California and we have grouped them together.

D-travel is working to expand information of attractions in other cities.  Please share with us any information you have in regards to attraction sites that are accessible to Deaf visitors.  We will add your city to our Deaf Friendly Attraction Page.