Introducing D-Travel Intern, Traci Olson

Traci in Tokyo, Japan

D-Travel is pleased to introduce you to Traci Olson, a passionate traveler and student intern from the University of Utah, who is experiencing the world of Deaf travel agency work with us.

Traci is completing an internship with D-Travel in fulfillment of her Tourism Management degree from her university in Utah.  She began working with D-travel last May, starting with an assignment, researching for Deaf-friendly tour sites that are offered though our state and national agencies.  We’ve gathered much information and will post a list of the most popular Deaf-friendly sites on our D-travel blog in a few weeks.

In addition Traci wrote articles weekly in D-Travel’s blog about events and places pertaining the Deaf community worldwide.  The articles and the list of Deaf –friendly tour sites are viewed in

Traci also worked with Peggy Prosser, owner of D-travel in seeking for travel information and the development of customized tours for clients.  She has participated in client meetings with Peggy, observing, presenting the tour and taking notes for areas of improvement.

Next week, Traci and Peggy will take part as spectator in the World Deaf Athletics Championship in Toronto, Canada.  They will also take part in the closing ceremony dinner and dance. Traci said that this will be her first international Deaf event and she looks forward to mingling with the international Deaf community.

This fall of 2012, Traci will purse a second degree in interpreting at Rochester Institute of Technology.  She aims to combine her passions for sign language and pursue a career in the Deaf travel industry.  “My education combined with the experience I will gain from my internship with D-Travel will be valuable in preparing me for a career in the Deaf travel industry” says Traci.

Traci’s internship will end next month in August.  D-Travel will sorely miss her when she departs but encourages her to study for her second degree in sign language interpretation. D-Travel willl continue to invite Traci to join in D-Travel’s social events and mingles.

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