ViUDA Bistro

If your travels take you to the Austin, Texas area, consider making your way to ViUDA Bistro in Buda, Texas.  General Manager, Paul Rutowski, opened ViUDA Bistro almost a year ago, which has proved to be popular among local residents in Buda and Kyle.  The name of the restaurant, “viuda” means “widow” in Spanish, but English-speakers often pronounce it as “buda.”  In fact, the town of Buda was so named because in the 1880s, the viudas were two widows who cooked at the Carrington Hotel.  When the town was forced to change its name, Buda was selected based on a corrupted pronunciation of this word.  Although ViUDA Bistro’s name pays tribute to the area’s origins, the menu provides innovative and modern twists on Texas cuisine.  This restaurant prides itself on its unique menu which includes yak meat, yam chips, and many other distinctive dishes and uses of proteins.

Rutowski, along with his executive chef, sous chef, line cook, and dishwasher are all Deaf.  Although Rutowski appreciates the support from the Deaf community, he hopes to draw diners based solely on his menu and restaurant experience, whether they be Deaf or hearing.  ViUDA has gained recent attention because of executive chef, Kurt Ramborger, also known as “the Irish chef.”  Ramborger was recently voted’s Hottest Chef in America 2012, with large support from the Deaf community.  While establishing regular customers, Rutowski and Ramborger hope to maintain ViUDA for the long-term, and would eventually be interested in expanding into Austin.  For now, diners can experience the unique cuisine of ViUDA Bistro at its Buda location.

ViUDA Bistro is open Thursday through Saturday from 5 pm – 9 pm and is available Sunday through Wednesday for RSVP/Private Functions.  It is located at 108 North Main Street, Buda, USA 78610.  For more information, visit their website at

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