Hello Kitty Eva Air

Hello Kitty is a famous cartoon character, not just in japan and USA, but worldwide.  The Sanrio company in cooperation with EVA Air now have Hello Kitty flights, where everything from the fuselage to the flight attendants thru to the food is kitted out in the ‘kawaii’ (Japanese for cute) cat images.

Eva Air will begin serving two gateways with its Hello Kitty Jets on May 23, 2012. The airline will use two of its new character-themed Airbus 330-300s on its Taipei Songshan – Tokyo Haneda and Songshan – Shanghai Hongqiao routes. EVA is also hard at work with Sanrio to give two Airbus 330-200s a colorful Hello Kitty Jet makeovers, which will give the airline five of the cheerfully painted second-generation aircraft and enable more passengers to enjoy Hello Kitty flights.

Time to save more money to make a round trip between Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Don’t miss it!