Accessible Kiosks at US airports

National Association of the Deaf (NAD) joined consumer groups to respond to the Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rule making by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) on proposed rules concerning accessibility of air travel web sites and kiosks at U.S. airports.

This makes me wonder about Siri technology that is rising in our markets today.  Siri technology is a kind of speech interpretation and recognition interface technology that exchanges information between person and computer as person talks and listens to Siri.  And since last year Siri technology is increasing popularity with users.  It seems to me that Siri will spillover to business markets where they will use Siri as some kind customer tool like with those kiosk machines at airports. This would be worrisome if such development rises and that new machines will become useless to the Deaf population.

I’ve no idea if any company is working on such program and machine.  I wouldn’t be surprise if there’s some development on the way.  And NAD should become a watchdog of Siri developments.  We should ask if Siri development project include Deaf persons in their development.

(truth: I’ve not seen such new development however there’s imagination)

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