Mom, did you say, I was conceive in the Grand Canyons?

I received a text message from my Sister, Janie and Brother, Steve, telling me that mom isn’t doing too good. She refused to eat. And I was in the middle of escorting, a group of visitors from Japan to the Grand Canyons in Arizona.

Grand Canyons

The Grand Canyons in Arizona.

Upset, I was because I couldn’t be there. I ordered my brother to relay a conversation between mom and myself. Mom and I had no option because neither one of us would be able to hear over the phone. Videophone was out of question too. Sigh! So, I asked through my brother if mom had ever been to the Grand Canyons.

Photo Taken October 2011

Then a few minutes later I received a reply back with this message. “Yes, that’s where you were conceive. “Huh?  “What do you mean by conceive in the Grand Canyons?” I text back, when then I thought Oh….. and a big laughter followed.

Now, I know that this recent trip to the Grand Canyons isn’t my first.  It is in fact my second.  I was a very little zygote in the Grand Canyons. That’s truly an amazing thing to know about myself.  I’ll wear this fact as an emblem.  I’m proud to be conceive in the Grand Canyons.  That’s totally cool!

And also the Grand Canyons mark the start of my D-Travel Blog. What a little bit of coincidence here.

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