March 3rd is “MiMi no Hi”

Hello everyone,

We tell you about Japanese culture today. March 3rd is “MiMi no Hi” ( Ear day / 耳の日) in Japan. It means Ear Day. The reason it is called MiMi no Hi is because it is the THIRD day of the THIRD month, which in Japanese could be pronounced Mi Mi (three, three) which is also the word for “ear” as Mi (3) Mi (3).  For example it is the same as “WoW” or “LoL” in America Sign Language.  So, 3 / 3 is “Mi-Mi” !!!  And the ear is also shaped like the letter 3 and you usually have two those. Get it?

On the 3rd it was Hina-Matsuri or Girl’s Day or the Festival of Dolls. This is the day Japanese Girls bring out their special collection of dolls that represent the Emperor and Empress of old and their court entourage. The funny thing about this festival is that the collection is kept throughout the year but displayed only on this one day and the dolls are is never played with.

Japanese deaf people have often pointed out the irony of  the “Mi Mi no Hi” at Deaf Centers. Sign Language Club, Deaf performances, presenters, and venders sell food, drinks, sign language related products and services all attend to this event in japan.

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Happy Mi Mi day!