Travel with Deaf group to Spain, Morocco & Portugal this September 2017

Come discover ornate palaces, spice markets and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun on this trip to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. This tour is specifically planned for Deaf travelers from September 30 ~ October 15, 2017.

spaintourphotoD-travel Agency is excited to offer you this opportunity to tour these 3 countries with Trafalgar, the most globally awarded guide tour company. The tour involves a Deaf tour conductor, sign language interpreters, and Deaf tour includes sign language and some contact with Deaf community for social. And what is more, we enough seats for 30 Deaf travelers on a luxury coach to different cities. D-travel agency is accepting inquiries and bookings on behalf of Trafalgar.  It’s a part of the partnership we have with them.

The tour itinerary is 16 days to 3 countries and14 cities. Activities include sightseeing, scenic drives, educational trips, on hands experience, arts and culture performances and saddle tours, special dinners and wine.

We will meet Madrid, Spain’s capital, visit the amazing city and then drive out to other 13 cities. We will make stops to some cities on the way. We will stop in Toledo to enjoy a leisure walk through a breathtaking city and tour a steel factory to watch local craftsmen forge wares. Then we move to Granada a town with ancient buildings made with decorative stucco. The next morning, we take a ferry across the straits of Gibraltar to Fez Morocco’s second largest city. There you will visit handicraft showrooms and the Moorish palace before we depart on a scenic drive through the Atlas Mountains to Marrakesh where
the old bazaars and Berber villages are found. We visit a Moroccan pharmacy to learn about healing creams made with local indigents and you may travel down to visit a Berber village.  Next, we continue our drive to Casablanca for a panoramic view of the cornice and then to Rabat to visit the Royal Palace. You take ferry boat back to Spain and drive to the most beautiful city Seville that is known for its vineyards. Your journey continues to Lisbon, Portugal where we stop to visit a stud farm, saddle up on a stud and eat a home cook lunch. The following day we visit the UNESCO world heritage site of the Hireonmite Monastery in Lisbon before departing on a long scenic drive over the magnificent Serra D’Aire Mountains to Salamanca, Europe’s highest city and then back to Madrid for next day’s departure. On your last night, you will join your companions for a farewell dinner with wine